A1269 Cultured Quail as a Novel Food

Closed 5 Feb 2024

Opened 11 Dec 2023


FSANZ has assessed an application made by by Vow Group Pty Ltd to permit the use of cultured quail cells made with embryonic fibroblasts originating from Coturnix japonica (Japanese quail), as a novel food ingredient in food products to be marketed and sold in Australia and New Zealand.

FSANZ has provided public notification and now welcomes your submission to assist in further consideration of the application. The consultation documents and the application are provided below. Please read these before preparing your submission. 

Consultation papers

Call for submissions: Application A1269 Cultured Quail as a Novel Food
Supporting Document 1: Hazard and risk assessment
Supporting Document 2: Consumer literature review
Supporting Document 3: Consumer insights tracker
Supporting Document 4: Labelling

Application A1269 from Vow Foods Pty Ltd

Why your views matter

FSANZ invites and welcomes public and stakeholder input into standard setting processes. Your views will help us ensure food standards continue to protect public health and safety while supporting an effective, transparent and accountable regulatory framework for industry and food authorities.

How to make a submission

FSANZ's Consultation Hub is a new platform for public consultation. We have set up response fields to assist you in completing your submission. Please refer to the consultation documents and application A1269 Cultured Quail as a Novel Food in preparing your submission. Once you begin, you can save your progress and complete your submission before the consultation closing date 5 February 2024 6pm AEST.

What happens next

Consultation on application A1269 Cultured Quail as Novel Food has closed. Your submission will now be considered as part of the assessment process.


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