Application A1247 D-allulose as a Novel Food

Closed 20 Dec 2023

Opened 8 Nov 2023


FSANZ has assessed an application made by Samyang Corporation to permit D-allulose manufactured by an enzymatic conversion of fructose to D-allulose using Microbacterium foliorum SYG27B-MF containing D-psicose -3-epimerase and has prepared a draft food regulatory measure.

It is proposed that D-allulose be added to foods as a low-energy substitute for conventional sugar ingredients, particularly sucrose.

FSANZ has provided public notification and welcomes your submission on the draft food regulatory measure. Consultation documents are provided below.  You can complete your submission below.

Consultation papers

Call for submissions: A1247 D-allulose as a novel food

Supporting document 1 - technical and risk assessment

Application A1247 D-allulose as a novel food

Why your views matter

FSANZ invites and welcomes public and stakeholder input into all its standard setting processes. Your views will help us ensure food standards continue to protect public health and safety while supporting an effective, transparent and accountable regulatory framework for industry and food authorities.

How to make a submission

The FSANZ consultation Hub is a new platform we are trialling for our public consultations. We welcome your participation in our trial and your input to this call for submissions. You can complete your submission below. You should refer to the application and consultation documents in preparing your submission. Once you begin your submission, you can save a draft using this platform and continue at another time before the closing date on 20 December 2023 6pm AEST.

See the submissions page for further information.

What happens next

Consultation on A1247 D-allulose as a novel food has now closed. 


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